In 2006 SPONDYLOS has encountered the digital world of high technology for the treatment of spine conditions.

Laser Scanner


Today via a three minute scan of their body, with a Laser beam we obtain a digital mold.

 Formetric 4D


In re-examination is controlled the corrective capacity of the brace on the patient, by the use of surface topography appliances such us Formetric 4DOrtelius and SpineScan, without the frequent use of dangerous radioactive radiation.



It measures the angle of the humps, the lateral inclinations and rotation.



Spine check with magnetic fields and surface topography.



High precision CAD CAM programs. in 3D, by the introduction of digital x-rays into the digital mold



The final mold is created in the digital pantograph (Carver) that carves with high precision cylinders of polyurethane, to obtain the real mold with the desired corrections. T


The research department of the biomechanical laboratory of SPONDYLOS developed and manufactured worldwide first, a control processor of pressures on the body as well as the compliance (acceptance) implementation guidance from our young patients.

Force Sensors Data Recorder


Recording of the pressures exerted by the scoliosis brace on the patient in the re-examinations

Force Sensors Continuous Recorder


Permanent recording of stresses exercised by the scoliosis brace with alarm (visual and vibration) to reduce them.