In 1994 was created the BIO Orthopaedics Company. This was a company that aimed at the development of innovative aids to treat Spine conditions as well as the construction of prosthetics as well as training and mobility rehabilitation of the patients.


In 1997BIO Orthopaedics moved to the Sinopis Street, in the area of the Athens Tower.

BIO Orthopedics facilities

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From the early years of the company, great emphasis was placed on the patient and the condition. The aids that were constructed were not only the transfer of a classic design to the measurements of the patient, but a detailed search of the cause, with a precise pinpointing of the treatment in combination with the morphometric characteristics of the patient.

The development of innovative designs on Cad software of that period gave life to new braces for the support of the spine, as well as the development of new corrective scoliosis and kyphosis braces

The aims of BIO Orthopaedics had been achieved, but in the middle of the first decade of the new millennium everything seemed ancient. The power of computers and the new technologies that invaded our life on a daily basis showed the way we needed to follow.

Thus, in early 2006, the SPONDYLOSLaser Spine Lab was inaugurated.

The aim was the development of digital technology at all stages for the creation of a body brace

From taking measurements with the Laser scanner and their digital processing with CAD CAM to the construction of a brace via a pantograph, in order to eliminate human error. From electronic recording of body deformations with digital scoliometers to the examination of the course of the condition with Formetric 4D using laser, Moire and virtual reality without x-rays.

A new era had dawned on Greece, but also the whole world. The era of objective conservative treatment of spine conditions, with precision, objective tests but also research, in sectors such as recording of the pressures on the body.

In 2011 the center moved to new location at 74, Mesogeion Avenue, and… SPONDYLOS Laser Spine Lab continues here.