Daily from 12.00 – 20.00 (Except Tuesday and Friday until 17.00) the brace service of our patients takes place.

The service is by appointment and except in rare cases are delivered immediately after a few hours.

At the service are performed repairs of worn parts of the brace and cleansing.

That is, what the brace guarantee includes :.

“…wear of all metal and plastic parts, product, foam coatings, straps and textile coatings and which damage was caused, or from the strength limit of the materials (for example the straps need to be changed in about 4 months) or from defective construction, or spare parts used during the manufacture of this product … “

Scheduled modifications are also made, for example changing and raising struts on kyphosis braces, addition of pads and shoulder lift on scoliosis braces.

Modifications are made after visit to the SPONDYLOS and are indicated by the doctor.