Adolescent scoliosis info

Adolescent scoliosis info

1- What is Adolescent Scoliosis?

Adolescent scoliosis is when, in an otherwise healthy adolescent between the ages of 9 and 13, his spine begins to rotate at different levels and opposite to each other.

The rotation of the vertebrae creates the humps. Gradually increasing the turn creates the lateral slope, from the side of the turn, something like a spiral staircase …        

2- What is wrong? His heavy bag? Poor posture when reading? His diet?


Neither the bag nor its bad posture is the cause of scoliosis. But they can make it worse. In essence Scoliosis is due to a gene and is 100% hereditary.

3- How do we understand it?


Adolescent Scoliosis is a difficult condition and as with all diseases, early detection is crucial. The sooner we understand it, the more effective the treatment will be.

Scoliosis testing is important and can be done by the parents themselves with two simple tests.

But if you feel insecure about your results then a valid check from our center may be the solution.

4- How is it treated?


Scoliosis at the beginning of their appearance and up to 25 ° have elastic properties, i.e. they return to normal after proper treatment.

However, increasing the angle of inclination and passing a long time from their appearance, they create permanent plastic deformations in the vertebrae, resulting in the difficulty of restoring them, even with appropriate treatment.

That is, the angle of inclination and rotation can be restored, but not the deformation of the vertebrae, which means that the patient should be in permanent maintenance of the result.

So all scoliosis should particularly intervene promptly and effectively before irreversible damage is created.

5- Is it curable? Because I heard that the treatment only stops Scoliosis?

Proper treatment not only stops but corrects Scoliosis. In scoliosis up to 30⁰ they can reach normal. Larger scoliosis more than 30⁰ can go down to half or even a third.

Results can be seen below

6- What should I do?


First of all you should visit us. To diagnose the condition with all our sophisticated machinery and the experience of our Scientific Director.

Then we need to plan the treatment for your child alone. This is very important. The treatment must be completely personalized, whether it involves the design of a brace or the exercise program to be trained. Usually this is not done elsewhere. Only we have the ability to offer purely individual therapy.

And then everything will be fine.


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