Force Sensors Data Recorder

To Force Sensors Data Recorder is the cutting edge in laboratory research all over the world. The measurement, recording and analysis of the forces exerted on the scoliotic body were always the goal in treatment with scoliosis braces.

The application of a brace and the forces exerted on the body via the tension on the retaining straps was and still is empirical. The good application of a brace lies in the hands of the expert Orthopedic surgeon or Orthotist , as well as in an x-ray while wearing the brace.

After many years of research, SPONDYLOS Laser Spine Lab, innovating in this particular goal with various force sensors, fabricate the SPONDYLOS Sensor Unit .

This is a micro-processor of our own design and invention which at regular intervals records the pressures exerted at the three main pressure points in a scoliosis brace. That is the thoracic hump, the lumbar hump and the anterior protrusion of the hemi thorax in the opposite direction of the thoracic hump.

The electronic data acquisition system is portable, light weight, battery operated,  medical  of small size (5X5 cm), was developed in our research lab. It consist of a microprocessor, with RAM and integrated circuits, a micro SD card and a battery Li-Ion 4.5 Volts, three square force sensors 6X6 cm and a handheld monitor controller.

Besides recording, which is performed on a micro SD card, thereare three warning LED lights and a small buzzer.

The reason for the existence of the LEDs is to  notify the patient or his parents visually, that the forces has been reduced at the pressure points and the patient is also notified directly via the buzzer.


Before the brace is delivered to the patient, the maximum pressure at the specified points has been recorded and set as minimum pressure.

Thus, when the pressure drops below the set limit, then the respective LED lights up and the buzzer sounds.

At every Re-examination the brace is connected to the computer and appear in a program, all the pressures and wearing times of the previous period of application.