Compliance recorder

One of the serious issues that concerning orthopedic surgeons since the time that braces were introduced was their non-acceptance by teenage patients and consequently the non-observation of the wearing times. In most cases there is a mismatch between results and the wearing time stated by patients and their parents.

In collaboration with Boston Brace International, SPONDYLOS Laser Spine Lab began to incorporate sensors that record the wearing time of the scoliosis brace by the adolescents.

This is a thermal sensor that records the body temperature. In the past there had been an effort to record with pressure sensors, but adolescents could bypass this by placing a heavy object on the sensor.

This specific sensor records human body temperature 35,5° – 38.0° C, at intervals that we define, and it has a lifespan of about one year.

It is applied to the scoliosis brace by opening a hole and placing the special support mount. It can be placed on any brace, even if it has not been manufactured to bear one from the beginning. It is usually placed on the front part of the brace.

Before it is placed on the brace it is parameterized and the measurements it will perform are defined.

When the patient comes in for a re-examination, the thermal sensor is removed from the brace and placed in a special card reader, which will read the results. The computer screen automatically displays a graphics chart which analyzes the application data.

How to read and interpret the result of the cricket compliance recorder

Upper left present average hour worn/ day during monitored period. Upper right graph depicts how many percentage has the brave been put on at that time of the day. Button graph shows total hours worn everyday.

From those data, we could not only have objective information about average hours worn per day we could also evaluate the wearing pattern and encourage patient to increase wearing time.

For example, if we find patient wear less during weekend and only put on brace around 6 pm most of the time, we could discuss with patient and parent to see if he/she could increase wearing time during the weekend or put on brace at 5 pm.