Frequently Asked Questions

The most important questions to be answered are dealing with scoliosis and other diseases, so that the choice is the right one, because most of the time, a wrong decision leads to irreversible disastrous results, .

  • What is Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis? is it hereditary or is the child’s bad attitude to blame?

Answer: Scoliosis is an inherited disease …….


  • Is Adolescent Scoliosis Corrected and How?

Answer: Scoliosis today can be largely corrected ..


  • What are Rigo-Cheneau Scoliosis braces?

Answer: In essence, this is a brace with a three-dimensional function …



  • Is Kyphosis treated only in children or in adults as well?

Answer: It is very well treated in Adults with .


  • I’ve heard of the Schroth method, does SPONDYLOS apply it?

Answer: We are the first to be certified in these systems in 2009…


  • How important is it for the laboratory to have a doctor who is specialized in brace constructions?

Answer: Each patient undergoes a detailed examination by the Orthopedic Surgeon Dimitris Papadopoulos …


  • How do I know if my child has Scoliosis?

Answer: The test is easy and fast and can be done by the parents …


  • Is surgery the solution for Scoliosis?

Answer: We should not be aphoristic with either surgical or conservative treatment.

Both have their indications, but they change over the years ….


  • Is the brace accepted by the children?

Answer: The acceptance of the brace by the children is very difficult. Especially from

teenagers. It is more a psychological issue than that the brace bothers …


  • My child was diagnosed with Spondylolysis. Is there a cure?

Answer: There is treatment as long as it is done soon after the diagnosis ….


  • How do I know if my child has kyphosis;

Answer: As for Scoliosis, so for Kyphosis, the test is easy and fast and can be done by the parents …




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