Services under the supervision oF Dr. Dimitris Papadopoulos, Orthopaedic surgeon,have been developed in the past years at SPONDYLOS aiming at making the application of braces more effective.

First Assessment

Thus, with the contribution of the physicians and under the general responsibility and supervision our of Scientific director, the patient is assessed and evaluated on the type of brace to be constructed.

The construction of an aid for the correction of spine conditions is a specific process and it includes a detailed medical history, digital x-rays, MRIs and other examinations that the patient can have. Their evaluation, together with the clinical image, put together the detailed design of the treatment.


Re-examination of the patient is as important as the first assessment.

The application of the brace is checked, but also its corrective ability on the patient’s spine.

Elements of the brace that have been affected during application are modified, as well as somatometric data due to an increase in height or weight.

Pressures and tensions of the brace are modified, as the rotations and inclinations have gradually been reduced and the brace does not fit as it did initially.

Student check

Another very important service to our patients is the student examination for Scoliosis and Kyphosis.

The Student Checkl helps early diagnosis of scoliosis and kyphosis, diseases when diagnosed early can be cured.

Especially in the early stages that pathological deviations are almost invisible to non-specialists.

Although on our page there are the basic tests for diagnosis by parents, we want to offer parents the confidence that they are made by specialists in them.


Daily from 12.00 – 20.00 (Except Tuesday and Friday until 17.00) the brace service of our patients takes place.

The service is by appointment and except in rare cases are delivered immediately after a few hours.

In the maintenance, in the modifications as well as in all the works that are done in braces, the quality control system that results from the certification ISO 13485: 2016 is always applied, that the company SPONDYLOS is certified.


Our patients with major scoliosis, accompanied by Hypokyphosis, undergo spirometry to check the vital capacity of the lungs.

In case the vital capacity is low, they are trained in special chest development exercises and kyphotic exercises.

The examination is offered free of charge to our patients.