Can be the Scoliosis Corrected?

Yes, scoliosis in SPONDYLOS can be corrected.

1- Which scoliosis are corrected up to 100%

Scoliosis up to 29 °

Scoliosis at the beginning of their appearance and up to 29 ° have elastic properties. That is, they return to normal after the appropriate treatment, applied by SPONDYLOS.

The treatment is intense at the beginning with 21 hours of application of the special brace SPONDYLOS Rigo-Cheneau and exercises of the Schroth system.

When scoliosis in successive re-examinations is maintained at normal levels, then the brace application hours are reduced to 8 hours per day after exercise.

This program continues until the end of development.

διορθώνεται η σκολίωση

2-Which scoliosis are corrected up to 70 %

Scoliosis from 30 ° – 40 °

Scoliosis after 30 ° and up to 40 ° retains some of its elastic properties. That is, they can undergo a large degree of correction after the appropriate treatment, applied by SPONDYLOS.

The treatment is intense with 21 hours of application of the special guardian SPONDYLOS Rigo-Cheneau and exercises of the Schroth system, for the whole period until the end of the development.

3-Which scoliosis are corrected up to 50 %

Scoliosis from 40° – 60°

Scoliosis after 40 ° is more difficult to correct because the scoliosis and its deformities have passed to the vertebrae, creating what we call plastic deformity. This means that the treatment must be more intense and longer lasting.

Our results are very good reducing the angle to at least half of the original.

Initial X-Rays


In-brace correction


Final X-Rays

4-Which scoliosis are corrected up to 20 %

Neglected scoliosis

Neglected scoliosis is defined as scoliosis that has never been treated or treated for years by inappropriate braces.

Children like this in the example, whose angle reached 120⁰ because he did not want to wear a brace at a young age.

The responsibility in this case lies with the parents, who in their attempt not to upset the child, succumbed to his demands and did not offer him any treatment, seeing him get worse every day.

They believed that it would create psychological trauma, without of course knowing how big would the trauma in life.

But there are cases where the parents persuaded the children to enter into some treatment with a brace, but never corrected the problem, even if these unfortunate children wore it for at least 20 hours a day.

The brace raised the problem in many cases created and Hypokyphosis, a condition that reduces the normal kyphosis and with that the vital capacity of the lungs resulting in respiratory failure.

The responsibility is shared by the doctor who recommended and monitored the progress of the treatment and did nothing to prevent it from progressing badly.

But also to the parents, who accepted, in their ignorance as they said, the opinion of the doctor, withdrawing any responsibility for not seeking another treatment, if they saw that the specific treatment did not work.




Initial X-Rays

In-Brace correction



The  Prerequisites are:


1- The teenager should be absolutely obedient, concerning hours of application of the brace, the exercises and the doctor’s instructions.


2- The treatment should be done in our center entirely in order to take responsibility for the result.

Recovery – Maintenance

In large scoliosis, bone maturation marks the end of basic treatment. For 6-12 months the brace should be applied for 8 hours after the exercises.

Completing should continue the exercise program for four years and then will be followed a light maintenance program with major exerciseς.

In all scoliosis we must intervene very timely and effectively,

before irreversible damage occurs.

And this creates promise and commitment of SPONDYLOS for the results of our treatment.