Kyphoscoliosis Treatment

Conservative treatment of true Kyphoscoliosis is a combination of kyphosis and scoliosis treatment.

First it is usually corrected scoliosis, low lumbar or thoracolumbar which constitutes the supporting base of the spine. Following the planned correction of kyphosis in the already corrected for scoliosis mold.

Kyphoscoliosis brace is constructed digitally which treats kyphosis at its upper part with the same principles as described in the kyphosis chapter and scoliosis in the same way as scoliosis is treated.

A prerequisite for the treatment of kyphoscoliosis are exercises.

In specially designated areas are learning seminars Schroth method of German and Italian S.E.A.S. method

Exercises should be done daily for at least 40 minutes and then the kyphoscoliosis brace should be applied.

SCHROTH scoliosis exercises

SCHROTH kyphosis exercises

SEAS kyphoscoliosis exercises

Just as tools make a good craftsman, so the results of a treatment judge and justify it.