Check on the beach

Scoliosis check by parents on the beach


At sea vacation is an opportunity to see your child more carefully, as long as he is naked and not ashamed.


First we look at it Standing from behind and try to distinguish the following:


  1. If the shoulders are level or one lower than the other
  2. If the shoulder blades are at the same height
  3. We check the inclination of the pelvis by observing the two imaginary triangles formed by the child’s body and arms. These triangles must be symmetrical. The opposite means an inclination in the pelvis


Then we look at it from the front and check:


  1. The symmetry of the chest, that is if one chest is more prominent
  2. If the one side of the ribs protrudes more
  3. If the pelvis protrudes more on the one side


Then, if the child wants to cooperate, we tell him to lean forward with his hands hanging freely.


We observe the child from the front and from the back and try to distinguish if there is an asymmetry in his back, by creating humps on one or both sides of his back.

If we find either in the upright position or in the bending of any of the points emphasized above, these are a sign of scoliosis.

The more severe it is, the closer we are to the diagnosis of scoliosis.

You can visit the SPONDYLOS to certify scoliosis and to recommend you a treatment.