“At SPONDYLOS we have believed in treatment with braces and exercises. We believe that the use of asymmetrical and self-correction exercises reinforce the action of the SPONDYLOS braces at young ages, but they are also the base for treatment in adult conditions.

Besides this, we believe that patients must be taught the Schroth and S.E.A.S. systems by physiotherapists who are specialized and certified in these systems (and unfortunately these specialists are few in Greece).”

Manos Kapetanakis

Physiotherapist – Schroth – Seas Certified Expert

σκολιωση ασκησεις

Exercises for the treatment of scoliosis aim to increase the mobility of the hump point, which is extremely stiff as well as the stronger deformation correction. For this reason, apart from the specific exercises, it is necessary to strengthen the weak muscles by twisting and symmetrical exercises, in order to achieve symmetry and balance in the two halves.

Small scoliosis up to 18 degrees, the usual treatment is posture and self-correcting exercises, such as we call them.
Sometimes swimming is recommended as useful, but nothing has been proven. Nevertheless it certainly does not hurt.
Instead, to answer a frequent question of parents, the horizontal bar stiffens the muscles and prevents the correction of scoliosis, thus should be avoided.

Exercise systems require training and guidance from a certified physiotherapist.

The patient has to understand the exercises and apply them in a perfect way.

For this reason in specially designed areas there are seminars for learning the German method Schroth and the Italian method S.E.A.S.

The seminars are:

In these seminars the methods are taught using the SPONDYLOS areas and equipment every day after 2 p.m.