The Re-examination is done to check the implementation of the brace, the tendency and the adequacy of the straps and the pressure exerted by the brace to the patient’s body.

Also check the result of the treatment without X-Rays and redefining the pressures of the brace .

Re-examination of the patient is one of the most important moments in Scoliosis or Kyphosis treatment. Just the application of a brace or the application of a program alone is not enough. Similarly, an ordinary re-examination appointment with the doctor is in itself not enough.

In adolescence conditions such as Scoliosis and Kyphosis, the physical growth of the adolescent is crucial to the results of a brace treatment.

The increase in height, or the increase in the pelvis for girls, are monitored by the parents and if an increase in height or a problem with the convergence of the brace are noted, then the adolescent must be re-examined immediately, regardless of whether the time of the appointment has arrived.

Height – weight control

First of all checked for the height, which in the previous visit has been recorded.

If the increase is in reality greater than 3 centimeters, the following actions are taken:


  1. The application of the brace is checked, but also the way it is applied by the adolescent or the parents.
  2. The tension and the sufficiency of the straps are checked as well as the pressure exerted by the brace to the body of the patient.
  3. The adolescent is examined with Formetric 4D surface topography, with scoliometer and with spine scan
  4. The pads are adjusted into a new position so that the pressures of the brace, on the adolescent’s body, are the same as the initial ones.


The pressure pads are adjusted to the new position, so that the pressures of the brace on the body of the teenager are as the original.

Pressures on the body are controlled at three predetermined points of maximum pressure, registered in the first application of the brace.

The test is carried out with the Force Sensors Data Recorder, which is intellectual property and manufacture of the SPONDYLOS Bio-engineering Laboratory.


The re-examination is done to check:

  • the application of the brace,
  • the tension and adequacy of the straps,
  • the pressure exerted by the brace on the patient’s body.

The result of the treatment without x-rays is also checked.

and the brace’s pressures are redefined.