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SPONDYLOS specializes in the treatment of scoliosis, Kyphosis and other spinal conditions. In the following ways:



Diagnosis by Dr. Dimitris Papadopoulos, MD, CPO, Orthopaedic Surgeon



Design and construction of the Rigo-Cheneau Braces & the SPONDYLOS kyphosis brace



Rehabilitation with training in SCHROTH and S.E.A.S. exercises


Braces to treat scoliosis and every type of disease, made in our workshops, from us, individualized for each patient and each disease individually.

Scoliosis Braces

Spondylos Rigo-Cheneau Scoliosis Braces correct scoliosis effectively.

They are completely functional, as they close from the front and the child can ware it alone without the help of his parents.

And also acceptable to teenagers because they are very thin, only 3 mm and manufactured in molds obtained by Laser scanner from the body of the child.

The SPONDYLOS Rigo-Cheneau brace is not the same for all scoliosis.

There are 14 basic types depending on scoliosis and are manufactured in countless variations.

Every patient has his own brace. Not only in its size but also in the different variation of its scoliosis.



Absolute necessity is not left an incipient osteoporotic kyphosis

to its fate and get the patient into a vicious circle, which is very

dangerous for the growth of the kyphosis.




The back pain is among the most serious problem to try an adult

with scoliosis, especially if scoliosis is low in the back.




In all cases with conservative treatment we have

reduction up to disappearance of pain.




The aesthetic deformation is great, especially at low scoliosis

with a wide deviation of the pelvis and an increase of the hump.




The patient, feels every day more hunchbacked and pain

appears in the back and neck, usually in the long standing posture.


The SPONDYLOS from its inception in 1993, aimed to be distinguished for its services and products, in Greece and abroad and of course it did so with highly trained staff and its team .


Dr. Dimitris Papadopoulos

Orthopaedic Surgeon

Scientific head SPONDYLOS Laser Spine Lab


Manos Kapetanakis, PT, MSc


Schroth - S.E.A.S. Instructor SPONDYLOS Laser Spine Lab


Christos Mytikakis


Head of the facility SPONDYLOS Laser Spine Lab



Patients arrive at our center and head to the waiting room. The Secretariat receive from the patients a complete history of the disease and then they sit on our comfortable sofas, where they are served soft drinks, coffee or tea. Until it is their turn to be examined can watch TV or some video or even play a video game on PlayStation. There is WiFi throughout the center.

Clinical examination area

In SPONDYLOS, headed by the Scientific Director Dimitris Papadopoulos, Orthopedic Surgeon, in recent years developed services designed to make more effective the action of the braces.

The construction of a device for correcting spinal disorders is a complicated procedure and includes detailed history, digital X-rays, MRI and other examinations that the patient may have done.

Their evaluation with the clinical picture composing the brace design for a precision treatment.

Schroth-S.E.A.S. seminars

Under the supervision of Manos Kapetanakis in specially designated areas they patients are learning the German Schroth method and Italian S.E.A.S. method.

Surface topography Formetric 4D

Through the Moire process and after processing on the computer, without touching the patient, with only exposure to a safe light and laser scan, gives us the three-dimensional Spinal Imaging with X-ray precision.

Laser Scanner

In a high tech room, a digital mold is taken from the patient’s body. A thin laser beam scans the body and in real time is formed on the screens the patient’s body with an high accuracy.

It takes less than 3 minutes
It does not produce radiation dangerous to the patient
It does not create psychological problems for the teenager, as was done with the old method with plaster of Paris application.

Construction Facilities

The construction of SPONDYLOS braces is done in its state-of-the-art facilities using the finest technology in medical engineering.

During manufacturing and at each stage, production checks are carried out in accordance with ISO 13485: 2012 with which SPONDYLOS has been certified by the TüV Hellas Certification Body.

Bio-mechanical Research

The SPONDYLOS developed a bio-mechanical laboratory in collaboration with a computer engineer, a robotics engineer and a mechanical engineer, designed the survey to monitor implementation of the braces in patients with Scoliosis.

Whether this concerns timing or controlling and recording the pressures on the patient’s body.

Our Results


SPONDYLOS Laser Spine Lab
Since 1993 we have been next to the patient, taking care of his needs, innovating with new products and services

25 years
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Patients from 22 countries


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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

The most important questions that need to be answered for the treatment of scoliosis and other conditions, so the choice will be  correct, because most of the time, a wrong decision leads to irreversibly disastrous results.

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What Is the Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis? is it hereditary or is the child’s wrong attitude?

Answer: Scoliosis is a hereditary disease …….

Can the Adolescent Scoliosis be corrected and how?

Answer: Today Scoliosis can be corrected to a large extent …

The Boston Brace can Correct Scoliosis?

Answer: The Boston brace does not corrects Scoliosis …

What are Rigo-Cheneau scoliosis braces?

Answer: In fact, it is a three-dimensional brace…

What should I look for in selecting a facillity for making a brace?

Answer: Parents should look for, learn about the results that a brace will bring …

Does Kyphosis be treated only in children or in adults as well?

Answer: It is also very well treated in Adults with …

I have heard about the Schroth method, does SPONDYLOS apply it?

Answer: We are the first to be certified to these systems in 2009 and 2011 …

How important is the facilliy to have a doctor specialized in brace construction?

Answer: It is important. Every patient undergoes a thorough examination by Orthopedic Surgeon Dimitris Papadopoulos …

How can I understand that my child has Scoliosis?

Answer: The test is quick and easy and can be done by the parents …

Does surgery is the solution for Scoliosis?

Answer: We should not be absolute either with surgical treatment or with conservative.Both have their indications, wich change over the years ….Home

Does the brace is accepted by the children?

Answer: The compliance of the brace is particularly difficult. Especially from teenagers. It’s a more a psychological issue than that the brace bothers …


They diagnosed my child with Spondylolysis. Is there a cure?

Answer: Treatment is enough to be done shortly after diagnosis ….   Home

How can I understand that my child has Kyphosis?

Answer: As for Scoliosis and for Kyphosis, the test is easy and fast and can be done by parents …

I have Spondylolisthesis. What can I do?

Answer: Treatment is usually conservative for first-degrees of Spondylolisthesis. With lumbar support muscles exercises, lordosis reduction exercises and the application of an anti-lordotic bending brace on a case-by-case basis …


How to choose the best brace

for my child?

Useful Links

The official site of the Schroth method :  http://www.schrothmethod.com/

The site of ISICO (Instituto Scientifico Italiano Colona Vertebrale) http://en.isico.it/

The site os SOSORT (The International Scientific Society on Scoliosis Orthopaedic and Rehabilitation Treatment) http://www.sosort.mobi/index.php/en/

The open access journal of SOSORT https://scoliosisjournal.biomedcentral.com/

The site of S.R.S. (Scoliosis Research Society)  https://www.srs.org/


Important Information

Adolescent Scoliosis

When in a  healthy adolescent between 9 and 13 begins the spine is rotating at different levels and opposite each other. The rotation of the thoracic vertebrae and entrains the ribs leads to the formation of thoracic hump. The same applies to the lumbar vertebrae where shall contribute the projectionof the backmuscles to crate the hump.

The commonly used expression is Idiopathic Scoliosis that is of unknown etiology. The reasoning is rather well known. Gene etiology appears to be the most prevalent. It is due to a gene transferred 100% of parents to children.

The treatment of scoliosis should be early. It should be no orthopedic surgeon who is waiting for a scoliosis to reach 25 ° of Cobb angle, to do something. The worsening of scoliosis is the criterion for treatment.

Treatment may be conservative with brace and exercises. Η θεραπεία μπορεί πρέπει να είναι συντηρητική με κηδεμόνα και ασκήσεις. In some particularly big scoliosis may be surgical.

Adolescent Kyphosis

Adolescent Kyphosis is the abnormal arching in a teenager which over the years increases regardless of how active he is.

The Scheuermann disease, otherwise known as Osteochondritis of the Spine, is met in the largest percentage of juvenile kyphosis cases visiting a Spine Center;

When the body bends forward, an intense acuminate hump is formed, this is not corrected if we place our hand on it and instruct the child to raise his back.

Almost 100% if detected in the early stage of rapid growth. The treatment for Scheuermann type kyphosis is mainly based on the hyper-extension SPONDYLOS Kyphosis brace, and secondarily on exercises.


In almost all kyphosis, we observe a lateral deviation from the axis in the frontal plane, accompanied by the creation of some lateral curves. In essence, these are not true scoliosis demonstrations, as they do not present rotation, despite the fact that this is why parents get worried and bring their children to scoliosis centers.

The true Kyphoscoliosis is a combination of true Scheuermann type Kyphosis with scoliosis, most often low in the lumbar spine.

Conservative treatment of true Kyphoscoliosis is a combination of kyphosis and scoliosis treatment.

Scoliosis Braces

In conservative treatment of scoliosis, the corrective brace plays the main role, and the special exercises for scoliosis have a complementary role.

Spondylos Rigo-Chenau scoliosis braces correct scoliosis effectively.

Does not viewed through clothes and of course fastens in front with velcro straps, unlike Boston braces, which fastening from behind.

And they are also acceptable to adolescents because they are very thin, only 3 millimeters and they are made in molds taken by laser from the body of the child.

Kyphosis Braces

The evolution in hyper-extension braces. It was created after years of research in the SPONDYLOS Laser Spine Lab laboratories.

The SPONDYLOS kyphosis brace combines a pair of anterior forces and one opposite posterior force creating hyperextension of the body.

In contrast to the hyperextension Boston type brace, which exerts forces via tensioning straps that are behind the brace, as it buckles from behind, the SPONDYLOS kyphosis brace is pre-curved and fasteners at the front.

This means practically that in the case of a Boston brace, the child cannot control the brace, and somebody else will always have to tighten it.


Exercises for Scoliosis

At SPONDYLOS we have believed in treatment with braces and exercises.

We believe that the use of asymmetrical and self-correction exercises reinforce the action of the SPONDYLOS braces at young ages, but they are also the base for treatment in adult conditions.

Specialized and certified Physiotherapists teach the Schroth and S.E.A.S.methods at these seminars, using the SPONDYLOS areas and equipment every day.


In Re-examination we control the brace fitting, Στην επανεξέταση ελέγχεται η εφαρμογή του κηδεμόνα, the tension and the adequacy of the straps, as well as the pressure exerted by the brace on the patient’s body.

We check the treatment outcome without radiographs.

The pressures of the brace are redefined.

Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis Gene

Researchers from the RIKEN Center for Integrative Medical Sciences in Japan have identified the first gene to be associated with adolescent idiopathic scoliosis (also called AIS) across Asian and Caucasian populations. The gene is involved in the growth and development of the spine during childhood.

Their study is published today in the journal Nature Genetics.


Appointments for Clinical Evaluation and Re-examination are always booked after 2.30 pm. Service and repair appointments are booked throughout the business day. Please provide the possible dates and times and confirm by telephone

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