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Since its inception in 1993, SPONDYLOS has sought to distinguish its services and products in Greece and abroad.

It has always been one step ahead of his time in terms of his equipment and the adoption of new technologies and methodology.

What, however, was the greatest distinction, was and is the provision of high quality services.

And of course this is accomplished with its highly trained staff and team who cteate

ex novo new technology and know how

and  convinces with the impressive results of the therapies

SPONDYLOS Products and Services

Advanced Knowledge Braces and Exercises designed for each patient individually

Adult conditions treatments

The patient, who feels more hunchbacked every day and pain in the back and neck, usually in long hours of standing as well as working at the computer.

The reduction of endurance in standing and walking. But also the feeling of numbness in the lower extremities, as well as the feeling of instability and the loss of balance.

Assessment for brace construction

Visit scoliosis and kyphosis SPONDYLOS center for a free estimate of the brace who is suitable for your condition.


The authentic Rigo – Cheneau braces are designed and manufactured

only the center scoliosis and kyphosis SPONDYLOS

attention to imitations and artificial deception

Condition Assessment at the SPONDYLOS scoliosis and kyphosis center

We can tell you our opinion, free of charge, about your condition by phone and e-mail.

All you have to do is send us photos of your x-rays and your exams and describe your problem to us.

In a short time we will have a phone or Skype communication to tell you our opinion

Send us photos of your x-rays by clicking on the E-mail below

Can be the scoliosis corrected?

Yes, scoliosis with the methods of SPONDYLOS

can be corrected

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