The carver is a 3-axis robotic pantograph (C.N.C.) for carving the digital molds with high precision.

C.N.C. (Computerized Numerical Control) or pantographs in Greek are machines that, with the use of computer assisted manufacturing (CAM) programs, convert CAD files with the help of cutting tools into the final mold.

These machines resemble lathes in which a base is rotated about its axis, in which a polyurethane cylinder of the size of the actual mold is mounted and stabilized.

The base while rotating, moving perpendicular to it and at the same time special cutting tools, precisely mill with millimeter accuracy or, in some cases, more precisely the cylinder, until it is finished and the mold has been carved on it, which will be later used in the workshop for the brace construction.

Designed to carve special polyurethane blocks, the SPONDYLOS 3-axis pantograph translates the digital files into its built-in computer and after processing it in real-time, it continues with the millimeter precision of the finished product.

Polyurethane blocks